Remember the Kids before Buying Highlands Real Estate

Although buying Highlands real estate can be exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking because of the uncertainty. To spare your kids the stress, you chose to inform them of your new house only when you’re ready to move.

This can backfire, however, especially if you see the purchase from their point of view. They’re not thinking about the new materials or the increased space. Their one concern is leaving the neighborhood, friends, and home they’ve grown to love. They’re trading something that’s comfortable and familiar with the unknown. It should come as no surprise then that they don’t want to move.

You can minimize or eliminate their objections by including them in the home search from the very beginning. Ask them how they would feel if you did decide to move. Acknowledge their objections and any negative feelings. But counter their protests with the advantages of the new home, such as a room for each child or a neighborhood center with a pool.

Take them on visits to parks, stores, and other recreations near your planned residence. Ask the principal at their new school if she can take you and the kids on a tour of the grounds. Enroll the little ones in local activities, such as clubs and sports, so they can start making friends even before the move.

When the big move finally arrives, allow the kids some control of their spaces. The younger ones can choose paint colors for their walls. Give the older ones the freedom to decorate their spaces however they want. Offer them a small budget so they can buy accessories and furniture that suit them rather than yourself.

If you want more ways to prepare your kids for your new home or want help in buying Highlands real estate, please contact us.