Denver Home Realtors are an Essential Part of the Colorado Real Estate Boom

J. David Lampe, REALTOR®.
J. David Lampe, REALTOR®.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Denver Colorado area, Denver Home Realtors are the most helpful people to talk to. The real estate market in the area has boomed noticeably over the past few years, and industry professionals and the general public are definitely sitting up and taking notice.

Denver has always been a hotbed of real estate activity, so this recent development should come as no surprise. However, many of  Denver’s most experienced real estate agents have been impressed by the recent flurry of sales. The metro Denver real estate market has been described by some as a “frenzy”. The last time the seller’s market has been this favorable was over a decade ago.

Few words describe the current situation as appropriately as “frenzy”. Given the near-feverish property buying and selling in the area, with many homes on the market receiving several offers, the description seems totally justified. Add to that the relatively low inventory and the fact that some homes have even been sold within 24 hours of hitting the market, and there really is no other way to describe the situation.

The rate at which properties change hands helps keep things moving along at a quick pace as well. With so many properties being snapped up shortly after they are listed, prospective buyers often have no choice but to make an offer quickly or risk losing out. In this current climate of the quick sale, many buyers–and even sellers–have been taken by surprise.

Things have definitely changed considerably since 2007, when the Denver real estate market was decidedly less vibrant. Back then, it was more of a buyer’s market, and there where a lot more options for buyer’s to choose from. Slowly but surely coming around in the years since then, the city’s real estate industry experienced a rapid turnaround just a little over a year ago, and sellers now have the upper hand.

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