Denver Real Estate Agents Help Homeowners De-Personalize

Denver real estate agents know that when potential buyers walk into a home, they’re almost always envisioning themselves in the space: where they’ll put their couch, which child will get which room, and whether or not their antique table will fit in your dining room.

De-personalize to sell your homeThat’s why we make sure our clients know how to de-personalize their homes before listing them. A de-personalized home is a fresh, clean slate with as few distracting details as possible, so that potential buyers are free to let their imaginations run away with them.

So how can you get started de-personalizing your metro Denver home for sale?

  • Store unnecessary belongings. Investing in a storage space while your home is on the market is a smart choice. You can store superfluous furniture there, giving your home a more open feel as buyers walk through. Plus, having things in storage means they’re ready to move when your home sells.
  • Pack up the photographs. We all enjoy seeing the faces of our loved ones on the walls of our homes, but personal photographs can be distracting for potential buyers. Take them off the walls and anywhere else they are featured prominently, and store them safely until you sell.
  • Keep it neutral. You may have wonderful taste in interior design, but most buyers are looking at the bones of your house, not your unique art and collectibles.  As much as possible, keep your home neutral so that it can appeal to the broadest range of buyers.  This may mean painting over that turquoise accent wall, but it’s worth a half-day project if it means your home sells faster.

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