Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hunting for Highlands Real Estate

Your career has taken off, business has flourished, or investments have paid handsomely. You can finally afford the Highlands real estate of your dreams. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, however, that your  budget for a home insulates you from common house-hunting issues. You want to avoid common mistakes by following these guidelines.

  • Know what you can afford. If you’re paying cash for your home, then you know that you can afford any house that’s less than the money you have. Otherwise, you’ll most likely need a mortgage, which in turn will determine the ultimate price of your abode. Visit a mortgage broker or banker who can pre-qualify you. The process looks at your down payment, income, and financial obligations to determine what you can afford.
  • Don’t be dazzled by the staging. It’s common for luxury homes to be decorated like a model, complete with furniture and décor that was never there before. While staging can beautify your house hunt, it can also hide problems, so look past the temporary beauty, which is easily changed, to the permanent features, which cannot be so easily transformed. Are there enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet for you and your family? Are all the electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems safe and up-to-date? Is the price in line with comparable homes in the neighborhood?
  • Gushing over the property. The home you see may be right out of your dreams with the kitchen you’ve always wanted and a master bedroom that makes you swoon. But don’t let the sellers or their agent know that. Once you tell them that you really want the house, they gain the advantage and will be more comfortable in wrangling every last dime for the purchase. Show a slight interest instead and let them know that you have other possible homes in mind. This gives them more incentive to cater to your needs during the transaction.

The best way to avoid any house-hunting mistakes is to make sure that you have an experienced real-estate professional on your side. Contact Metro Denver Luxury Homes today so we can help you locate the exact Highlands real estate that you are looking for.