Staging Your Arvada Home for Sale during Winter

Arvada Homes For SaleSpring is just around the corner, but the winter weather isn’t over yet. If you’ve got an Arvada home for sale during winter, you need to stage it differently for cold weather. Emphasize the warmth of your interiors with the following tips:

  • Seal against the cold. Make your environment physically warm by sealing any sources of drafts. Any cold air leaking in will make buyers wonder about your insulation. Caulk any cracks leading to the outside and weatherstrip doors and windows. Make sure your furnace is working efficiently by cleaning or replacing the filter.
  • Use visual warmth. To make your spaces seem warmer to the eye, replace smooth surfaces with patterns and layers of cloths. Add rugs, preferably with shag or fur, over bare floors and neutral carpeting. Put furry furniture throws on top of upholstered pieces and use patterned tablecloths, bed linens, towels, and window coverings. Replace steel, glass, and ceramic accessories with those made out of wood or rough stone.
  • Banish the gloom. Welcome natural light by cleaning windows of any winter dirt, and opening curtains and blinds. Make your interiors brighter by adding lamps in any dark corners and spaces. Set up your fireplace so the showing agent can simply turn it on when bringing potential buyers for showings. Add candles to the dining table and other flat surfaces, such as countertops.

If you want to know more about staging your Arvada home for sale, or want to put your property on the market in any season, please contact us.