Metro Denver Luxury Homes February Seller Tips

Metro Denver Luxury Homes

If you’re thinking about selling your metro Denver luxury home next spring or summer, you need to start now to get your home ready. Here’s what you can do this month to get your home ready in time.

In my Metro Denver Luxury Homes January Seller Tips, I talked about getting a pre-listing homes inspection done. Now is the time to fix any problems found on the home inspection. It’s best to make all repairs that a buyer will ask you to fix. You will need to fix and health and safety items and you should consider going ahead with any large items such as replacing your roof if needed. The sale of your home will go much more smoothly if you take care of these problems now.

As I mentioned in my Metro Denver Luxury Homes December Seller Tips, you should have already de-cluttered your home and disposed of unneeded items. If you have done this and your home still looks crowded, you need to rent a storage space. You can use this space to store excess furniture and items you don’t need on a regular basis. You want your home to look free of clutter and excess furniture. Think of your home as a house, a product to be sold. Remove as much as possible from your home and put it in storage. Just leave enough furniture in each room so that buyers can visualize the size of the rooms. Empty rooms are very hard for buyers to visualize.

February is a good month to take a good hard look at your yard, fencing, landscaping and the exterior of your home. Make a list of all of the items that need to be repaired or made to look better. You can then work on these items on the warm days coming up. Remember, first impressions are the most important for buyers. You must make the front of your home and the entry look inviting and welcoming. You should remove any overgrown shrubs or trees blocking the front of your home. Make sure your walkway and entry are clean and there are no dead leaves or other debris lying around.

Don’t forget your deck or patio when de-cluttering and cleaning. You want buyers to visualize themselves having a barbeque on your porch or patio this summer. Make your patio look inviting and comfortable. Store excess deck and patio furniture in your garage or rented storage space.

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