Metro Denver Luxury Homes January Seller Tips

January Seller Tips For a Spring or Summer Sale of Metro Denver Luxury Homes

If you’re thinking about selling your home next spring or summer, now is the time to get your home ready. Here are some tips on what you can do this month to get your home ready.

In December, I talked about purging to get rid of all of the excess stuff we all accumulate. January is a good time to continue to purge. I know when I move, this is the biggest task of all. I’ve lived in my current home for almost five years and have accumulated way too much stuff. Also, continue to de-clutter your home and make minor repairs.

Now is a perfect time to get pre-listing home inspections done. Many sellers ask, “Why should I get a home inspection done when the buyer will get one done after we are under contract?” There are numerous reasons to get home inspections done now:

  • It’s better to find out about major problems now rather than after you are under contract. If your roof or furnace needs to be replaced, the buyer’s home inspection will find these problems and then there is a chance the contract could terminate. By finding these problems early, you can have them taken care of now.
  • You should also get your sewer inspected. Nowadays, almost all buyers get a sewer inspection done when they buy a home. Major sewer problems can cost several thousand dollars to fix. It’s better to find out now and go ahead and have the problem repaired. I have had several transactions terminate due to sewer problems.
  • After any required repairs are made, the home inspector or inspectors can come back and prepare new reports. You can provide these after-repair pre-listing home inspection reports to prospective homebuyers. This shows them that you really care about your home and keep it in good condition.
  • Getting pre-listing home inspections and taking care of any major problems can help you to avoid a contract terminating and will probably lead to a faster sale of your home for a higher price. Once a contract has terminated, your home becomes much harder to sell.

Winter is a great time to get these inspections done and any necessary repairs completed. Home inspectors and contractors are slow this time of year making it easy to get the work done.

Call me at 303-550-8563 if you’d like for me to provide you with a list of home inspectors. I’m happy to help and there is no obligation.