Denver Home Realtors Explain How to Prep Your Home for Fall Selling

Selling Your Denver Home in the FallSummer is the traditional time for buying or selling a home in Denver because it boasts the best weather and the longest daylight hours. Denver Home Realtors Explain that fall does offer certain advantages. Inventory of homes is lower, so you’re not competing against as many sellers. In addition, many out-of-state folks travel back to Colorado for Thanksgiving dinners and alumni football games, which increases the potential pool of home buyers.

However, there’s no question that a fall property, with its leaf litter in the yard and bare trees, can look less attractive than one cloaked in summer greenery and colorful flowers. You can still get your home on the market with a few tips.

Clean the yards. Rake up any fallens leaves from your front, back and side yards, so your house looks well-maintained. Make sure all walkways are clear to eliminate any safety hazards. Prune any overgrown or diseased branches, especially if they detract from the view of the home.

Weatherproof your home. Seal any cracks and spaces on walls and around doors, windows, or vents. While open windows in the summer hide any drafts, buyers touring your home in autumn will definitely notice cold air coming into the warm spaces of your home.

Play up the holidays. Make holiday decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving part of your home staging. This will add coziness and bring fond memories back to buyers’ minds. Don’t forget the smells associated with these celebrations, such as pumpkin pies, freshly-baked cookies, or cinnamon apple cider.

If you want more help in selling or buying a home in metro Denver this fall, please contact Metro Denver Luxury Homes. We want to be your Denver home realtors.