Bonnie Brae Houses For Sale Offer a Convenient Denver Location

Homes for Sale, Bonnie Brae, Denver, COIf you want all the amenities of living in Denver while enjoying the idyllic environment of a quiet suburb, you should start looking for Bonnie Brae Houses For Sale.

The concept of a quaint Scottish-style village in the heart of Denver was initially pioneered by local businessman George Olinger in the 1920s and 30s. While Olinger’s development firm eventually went out of business, the Bonnie Brae neighborhood experienced a revival and second construction boom in the postwar era, establishing the neighborhood as it is today. If you’re considering moving to Bonnie Brae, consider some of the following:

Bonnie Brae’s location in central Denver makes it a very convenient place to live. Even if you work in the heart of downtown, the commute is pleasantly short. In fact, being this close to downtown means that you’re never too far away from big city amenities, from dining and entertainment to shopping options.

Bonnie Brae features the large Ellipse Park right in the center of the neighborhood. If you’re not in the mood to hoof it downtown, Ellipse Park offers a beautiful space to explore and relax in. This family-friendly park’s central location leaves it in walking distance for most Bonnie Brae residents, and ties the neighborhood together really nicely.

University Boulevard offers a quaint “Main Street” style commercial district. Most of the businesses along this district are family-owned and have been around since the area’s establishment in the post-war era. Not only is it a beautiful place to stop, shop, and stroll, the old shops and restaurants all have intricate histories that bring out the character of this unique neighborhood.

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