Selling Your Home: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

If you are selling your home this year, make sure you get it ready to sell before you put it on the market.  A great first impression is essential when listing your home.  There are some very simple things you can do to prepare your home for a sale prior to putting it on the market.

Fix the little things.  Fix the little things that are in need of repair.  Fix the faucet, or broken lights and fixtures.  These things make a difference to a potential buyer.  If they see a lot of small things that are broken, they will think that you haven’t maintained the home well.

Make the outside look appealing.   Make a good impression with the outside of the house.  If you need to, paint the front door and get a new welcome mat.  Take some time and clean up the yard, trim shrubs and remove excess yard ornaments.

Clean kitchen and bathrooms.  The kitchens and bathrooms need to be pristinely clean.  Clean the sinks well, and do a thorough job of getting any mildew or water stains off of every surface.

Let in the light.  Clean the windows and let the light shine through the home.  A brighter space is more appealing, so before any showing go through and open all the blinds and turn on some lights.

De-clutter living spaces.  Take out extra furniture, and remove photos to make the room appear larger without as much clutter.   Go through each room and take the opportunity to donate unused or extra items to charity or sell them at a rummage sale or online auction.   A potential buyer wants to be able to visualize themselves living in the home, and it is easier with less clutter. When it comes time to show the home, take your jewelry and valuables out of the house.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, contact us.  We can help identify areas for you to focus on in order for your home to make the best first impression.