A Golf-Friendly, Suburban Denver Gem: Hilltop Real Estate

Hilltop Real Estate
Hilltop Real Estate is near City Park Golf Course.

If you purchase Hilltop real estate, odds are, you’re going to get your workout. Four pristine parks are fitted into this suburban Denver enclave, with safe and easy access to multiple paved trails and golf courses. Denver is one of the nation’s fittest cities, and starting your run in Hilltop is easy because it’s always down hill.

Just outside the bounds of Hilltop are some of Denver’s best greens. City Park Golf Course offers stunning views. It’s next door to the Denver Nature and Science Museum and the Denver Zoo, in case the family needs a memorable diversion from tee time. The Denver Country Club’s course is sheltered from the din of city traffic. Enclosed within parks and high privacy shrubbery, players might imagine they have been whisked away to an English garden.

It’s an easy bike ride from Hilltop toward Cherry Creek Trail, which provides miles of urban biking to the northwest, and miles of rural scenery toward the Cherry Creek Reservoir. This trail is busy with recreationists. It’s easy to see why Denver has so many fit residents.

“Denver ranked high in the health of its residents, 61 percent of whom are ranked as in “excellent or very good” physical health,” according to Forbes. And the Daily Beast reports that 83 percent of Denver residents performed physcal activity in the past 30 days.

Hilltop real estate includes luxury homes that are modern and well-established, fitted among a cozy 1950s-era neighborhood overlooking southeast Denver. It has flourished in the past decades. With its clean, long lines of modern architecture, to mature trees and lawns, this neighborhood is quiet, dotted with public parks, and evokes a comfortable feeling of home.

Hilltop Real Estate is prized for a number of reasons. It’s dominated by residential streets, but necessary amenities aren’t far. Hilltop has its own own produce stand, coffee shop, dry cleaners, day schools and diversity in places of worship. It’s a few minutes’ drive from the city’s best shopping in Cherry Creek and a stone’s throw from major grocery and department stores.

It’s also a place where development doesn’t threaten the character of the community. About 15 years ago, developers began razing the 1950s-style homes and inserting lovely, modern, clean and spacious luxury homes in thier place–sometimes two to a lot. The increased density was lauded as “smart growth,” as Hilltop is just east of one of Denver’s most traveled corridors, Colorado Boulevard, and the first true suburb of Central Denver. In the late 1990s, the city placed a moratorium on lot-splitting; neighborhood preservationists rejoiced and property values grew.

Today, the median age in Hilltop is higher and the family size is lower than the rest of Denver. It’s a neighborhood with well-maintained landscaping, higher-than-average property values and because it’s settled atop one of Denver’s tallest bluffs, beautiful mountain views are practically a daily treat. Hilltop is bounded by Colorado Boulevard on the west, Severn Avenue to the north, East Alameda and the City of Glendale to the south. The eastern border takes a few turns along Crestmoor Park, Monaco Parkway and Quebec Street.

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