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There’s a very interesting article in the December 12, 2012, edition of The New York Times titled, “How Boulder Grew into a Hub for Start-Ups.” It traces the coming of venture capitalist Brad Feld to Boulder, and how his presence began an avalanche of start-up activity. At the end of the article, the interviewer asks Feld if he has observed a bias against the start-ups in Boulder from outside investors. He replies, “Early on, we heard that there’s engineering talent but no sales and management. The community grew and that talent came.”

But the most interesting part of the article is the comments. After one commenter sneers about Boulder’s being a “trust fund kiddie community,” John Minnihan of Denver replies, in part, “The startups that I see moving to Boulder come for the density of engineering talent, mentorship and access to other entrepreneurs. It doesn’t hurt that the town itself is home to a world class university and that there are tons of outdoor activities easily accessible year-round.”

Speaking of which: the October, 2011, issue of Outside Magazine announced that its readers had voted Boulder one of the best cities for outdoor sports in the United States. “[C]limbing and trail running out the back door, easy access to the Front Range, cosmopolitan trappings, collegiate verve, and a tribe of endurance freaks that could field its own Olympic squad. . . . Eldorado Canyon, just south of town, is a classic go-to for climbers, and cyclists can find empty pavement in all of the half-dozen canyons to the west.”

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