The Luxury Home Feature Most in Demand? Media Rooms – Metro Denver Luxury Homes

Metro Denver Luxury HomesMetro Denver Luxury Homes can help you find a home with the perfect media room.

With the advent of live streaming, home viewers can enjoy an almost unlimited range of content—movies, television shows, concerts, political events, documentaries, instructional videos, and more. Add to this the technological advances of high-definition televisions and high-fidelity sound systems, and the result is a viewing set-up that is superior to any commercial theater.

Viewers often wish to share these events with family and friends in a comfortable, private setting. For all these reasons, the home theater, or more casual media room, has become one of the most attractive features in high-end homes.

The difference between today’s media rooms and last decade’s home theaters is primarily in the upgraded electronics and computer control console. Also, acoustic treatment of the room itself is more sophisticated, allowing for a full range of speakers, diffusion panels, and acoustical fabric walls.

The result is a full sensory experience: “The chase scene from the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’ comes startlingly alive. Bond chases his prey across the savannah and through the city streets of an African port, and the picture is so clear you feel like you’re there. The sound is alive, too. When a bad guy drops in behind Bond, you hear him behind you.”

The cost of having a professional build a complete media room in a home can run from $60,000 to $100,000. But it’s just part of the package in a pre-existing home on the market. At Metro Denver Luxury Homes, you will find a number of properties with media rooms already installed and functioning. It’s one of the many features of your new home that you can begin enjoying right away.

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